Teaching Resources
There’s a lot to deal with on the Internet—cyberbullies, privacy settings, gossip, and even creeps. These resources can help you navigate the Internet while guarding your reputation.

Lesson Plans

Empower your students to be safer online with our free collection of teaching materials for students in grades K-12. With videos, lesson plans, games and more, NetSmartz can help you create a dynamic and engaging Internet safety curriculum.

Tip Sheets

NetSmartz believes that an informed community is a safer community. Print and distribute this free collection of tip sheets to help spread Internet safety messages in your area.

NetSmartz Student Project Kit

Do Your Friends + The Internet = Online Drama? Take charge and make a difference today with the The NetSmartz Student Project Kit – activities to help you talk to your peers about being smarter online. Ask your teacher, counselor, or youth program leader for help getting started!

Student Project Kit


NetSmartz offers free, multimedia Internet safety presentations tailored for specific audiences – parents and communities, tweens, teens, and younger children. These presentations come complete with a presenter’s guide and script. Download any of these to share with the children and adults in your community, or watch the presentation for parents and communities online now.

Internet Safety Pledges

"House pledges" or "acceptable-use policies" can help provide clear guidelines for safer internet use. NetSmartz recommends using the "Internt Safety Pledge" to promote safety discussions and create safer boundaries.

Special Needs Resources

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